Hi, I’m Naviko.
Welcome to “The Power of Tradition, the Form of Artistry” website!
This project aims to rediscover the power of Japanese and Southeast Asian tradition, and imagine new forms for contemporary art.
On this website, we will detail the journey this project has taken, and all the encounters, discoveries and reactions we had. We want this project to open the doors for you to think about these topics with us.

So first off, let me introduce the contents of this site!
(By the way, what I have in my hand is a harisen, or giant paper fan. It’s a prop commonly used in traditional Japanese stand-up by the straight man to smack the funny man. There’s always some struggle in order to slice open new ideas, but this fan won’t hurt much!)

Mission & Vision

Serious stuff. The questions underlying this project’s investigations, and its goals. A heartfelt, earnest statement of intent.

Project Footprint

Details of the project’s activities up to now. Let’s move forward together to make footprints where there haven’t been any before!

Kinoshita’s Notebook

Yuichi Kinoshita, the founder of Kinoshita Kabuki and specialist on Japanese classic arts, takes on the traditional arts of Japan and abroad. These are no fluff pieces. Must-read!

Tokimatsu’s Delight

Artist Haruna Tokimatsu’s illustrative essays describing what she found delightful in this project. Her unique perspective will make you smile.


The modernization of traditional arts has transcended the boundaries of genre. These conversations among the artists grappling with these issues are 90% serious and 10% geeky.


Participating members of “The Power of Tradition, the Form of Artistry.” Some of us are close to tradition, others of us are far from Southeast Asia. We are all coming to the project with a different perspective and point of entry. There is no front of back to the stage. Calling all members to action!


Upcoming events and plans for “The Power of Tradition, the Form of Artistry.” You can also find the latest news about individual member’s activities!