[Tokimatsu’s Delight]Conversation with Natsuki Ikezawa and Yuichi Kinoshita

These conversations feature artists who are tackling the task of modernizing traditional arts, across a wide range of genres. This time we welcomed Natsuki Ikezawa, writer/poet and editor of The Complete Works of Japanese Literature in which contemporary writers translate renowned Japanese classics into present-day language!

Conversation between Ikezawa x Kinoshita  “Facing the Classics  — Literature and Theater”

What they’re doing in terms of modernizing the classics is essentially the same!

Ikezawa “In other words, it’s like this…”
Reading his favorite parts aloud.

Kinoshita “This! This is it! Isn’t this amazing?!”
Each of them had a volume of The Complete Works of Japanese Literature in hand as the conversation unfolded. (Literature nerds…!)

The conversation was full of eye-opening phrases like:  how to connect people today with the classics, the necessity of doing so, what it means for artists to grapple with the classics…

Ikezawa “There are writers who just want to worship the classics as they would a goddess but… I want to take the goddesses’ hands and offer them some more comfortable clothes like jeans and sweaters, and have them live with me. That’s what I intended when I retranslated the classics for today.”

A fitting statement from Ikezawa…

Kinoshita “We are building an ant lion death trap.”  Grin
There’s something surrounding Kinoshita…

“Wow, his eyes are so beautiful!”
Tokimatsu getting his autograph. (Just a fan)


Conversation: Natsuki Ikezawa x Yuichi Kinoshita “Facing the Classics ~ Literature and Theater~”