[Footprints] Fieldwork in Indonesia

We conducted firsthand research in Jogjakarta, Solo and Bali, observing the traditional arts and the societies surrounding them, beginning with wayang kulit. We had many discussions with the leading artists — who are concerned about modern lifestyles pulling farther away from tradition and who also possess pure desire as artists — and the many different ways they are engaged in bringing traditional art to today’s audiences.

Fieldwork Schedule in Indonesia

 Fly to Yogyakarta (via Jakarta / about 12.5 hours)
 City: Solo (Surakarta)
– Visit lectures at the Department of Gamelan, Dance and Dalang at ISI Surakarta
– Visit to the relief of Mahabarata in Candi Sukuh (old Hindu temple)
– Watch wayang kulit for initiation ceremony called mitoni

 Dalang (puppeteer) … Ki Hali Jarwosularso
Lakon (repertoire) … Wahyu Cengkir Gadhing
Location … Ki Probo Asmoro(famous dalang)’s house
City: Yogyakarta
– Visit Mr. Bayu Aria and his batik studio in Kasongan village
– Visit gamelan production studio in Kasongan village
 Fly from Yogyakarta to Bali (about an hour)
City: Ubud
– Visit Ms. Kadek Dewi Aryani and taste lawar, a Balinese festive cuisine in her house
– Watch Cak Rina, a kecak performance, in ARMA museum
City: Ubud
– Join morning prayer at Pura Dalem Temple in Junjungan village in full traditional Balinese dress
– Join prayers at the house temple of Ms. Kadek Dewi Aryani
– Taste babi guling, another Balinese festive cuisine in Dewi’s house
– Visit studio of Mr. I Wayan Wija, a famous dalang, for an interview on his wayang piece
– Visit Pura Taman Temple in Mas village to join prayers and watch wayang wong (theatrical play with masks), and prembon (theatrical play)
City: Ubud
– Visit GEOKS art space founded by Prof. I Wayan Dibia, former headmaster of ISI denpasar for an interview on kecak and Walter Spies, and contemporary dance theater
Fly from Bali to Yogyakarta (about an hour)
City: Yogyakarta
– Watch wayang kulit celebrating the 61th anniversary of faculty of Biology, Gadjah Mada University

 Dalang (puppeteer)… Ki Gondo Suharno
Lakon (repertoire) … Pendadaran Murid Sokalima
Location… Campus of Faculty of Biology, Gadjah Mada University
 City: Yogyakarta
– Visit rehearsal of Wayang Bocor founded by Mr. Eko Nugroho (visual artist) for an interview on Wayang Bocor
 City: Yogyakarta
– Reflection 1 on fieldwork
– Visit studio of Wayang Hip Hop founded by Mr. Catur Benyek Kuncoro for an interview on Wayang Hip Hop and his work as dalang
 City: Yogyakarta
– Watch wayang golek (wooden puppet theater) on Menak story at Yogyakarta Royal Palace
– Visit Sonobudoyo Museum
– Watch touristic show of wayang kulit at Sonobudoyo Museum

 Dalang (puppeteer) … Ki Wasudi
Lakon (repertoire) … Trigangga looks for his father
Place … Sonobudoyo Museum
 City: Yogyakarta and its surrounding area
– Visit Tembi Rumah Budaya, a very active cultural center
– Visit sites belonging to Royal Palace near Parangtritis beach
– Visit Candi Prambanan and nearby temples (a World Heritage)
– Watch touristic show of Ramayana Ballet at Candi Prambanan
 City: Yogyakarta
– Lecture on Japanese traditional performing arts by Mr. Yuichi Kinoshita co-organized by the graduate school of ISI Yogyakarta
– Visit galleries and cultural centers such as Kedai Kebun Forum, Cemeti Art House, Langgeng Art Foundation, etc.
– Visit atelier and art shop of Mr. Eko Nugroho
City: Yogyakarta
– Visit studio of Wayang Ukur created by Ki Sigit Sukasman and interview Mr. Yoyok Hadiwahyono on Wayang Ukur
– Watch wayang kulit celebrating the 61th anniversary of Sarjnawiyata Tamansiswa University

 Dalang (puppeteer) … Ki Seno Nugroho
Lakon (repertoire) … Sesaji Rojo Suyo
Location … Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University
City: Yogyakarta
– Visit Phoenix Hotel to see heritage architecture and furnitures
– Reflection 2 on the fieldwork
 Fly back to Japan via Jakarta (about 13 hours)

People we met and interviewed during the fieldwork

  • Mr. Bayu Aria / Batik designer
  • Mr. Eko Nugroho / Visual artist, Founder of Wayang Bocor
  • Mr. Ki Catur Benyek Kuncoro / Dalang, Founder of Wayang Hip Hop
  • Prof. Martinus Dwi Marianto / Professor at ISI Yogyakarta
  • Mr. Yoyok Hadiwahyono / Performer of Wayang Ukur
  • Ms. Ni Kadek Dewi Aryani / Dancer, Choreographer, Founder of dance group “Nritta Dewi”
  • Mr. I Ketut Agus Teja / Gamelan player, Founder of music group “Gus Teja World Music”
  • Mr. I Ketut Rina / Dancer and choreographer of new kecak
  • Mr. I Wayan Wija / Dalang, Creater of new wayang
  • Prof. I Wayan Dibia / Founder of GEOKS, former headmaster of ISI Denpasar
Yuichi Kinoshita,Takashi Sonoda,Haruna Tokimatsu,Mai Hongo,Yu endo,Yoshiko Maeda
13 Sep 2016-27 Sep 2016